Community Data Contribution

The community are members that have decided to share their contact details under the terms of the Community members are those who volunteer to contribute their data to community from their own social business network. Community members share email headers and signature blocks from their business email with This is information that would be found on a business card, including data attributes like names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

We receive contact details from End-Users of our affiliates, i.e. subsidiaries, parent companies, and other corporate entities under common ownership.

Where End Users provide us access to their email account, for the purposes of using our email composing features, we obtain data using Google’s or Microsoft’s APIs.

Third Parties

We license information from business partners who own established and trustworthy directories. Our partners utilize the most cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to collect data from public records, publicly available information, and business directories.

We verify each vendor’s data to ensure its accuracy, before and during the engagement.

  • We review each vendor’s security, as well as the security of the data transfer.
  • We sign legal documentation with each vendor to ensure that data provided to us is legal, and compliant with all data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA.
  • We are always working to ensure our data is compliant, and update all contracts on an as-needed basis, to stay aligned with any applicable laws and regulations.

Publicly Available Information

Our partner’s proprietary algorithm scans publicly available sources and retrieves public information with advanced tools. Insight and Analysis System advanced algorithms and proprietary machine-learning models auto-complete business information based on the data in database, and other information found in public sources.

For example, completes email addresses based on standard corporate email patterns. big data technology identifies the most up-to-date information for each Business Card and simultaneously removes any outdated information from the system. ensures that all data collection and processing is conducted in accordance with all applicable privacy laws, by providing individuals with greater control over their data and notice if required by any applicable law.